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  • House of Harley Street Drag Series at Great Lakes Dragaway

    Early start – be at Route 20 by 5:30pm; we need to be on the track at 6:15pm. Ride with the House-MKE starting at 5:00pm to Route 20 

    Join us this summer for the House of Harley Street Drag Series at Great Lakes Dragaway!

    Leader board as of 7.10.18

    Racer Name Motorcycle Points As of Date
    Josh Webber 02 Softail 11pts 7.10.18
    Jeff Simon 16 Street Glide 11pts 7.10.18
    Jake Simon 18 Break Out 8pt 7.10.18
    Joe Tines-Junior 13 Dyna 7pts 7.10.18
    Jarred Johnston Street Glide FLHXS 3pts 7.10.18
    Jeremy Kurer 97 FLHTC 3pts 7.10.18
    Chris Beyer 05 Softail Duece 3pts 7.10.18
    Kevin Moris 18 Softail Sport Glide 1pt 7.10.18
    Dan Dentice 14 Street Glide 1 pt 7.10.18
    Dave Dorgay 08 Cop Bike FLHTP 1pt 7.10.18
    Jeff Callewaert 04 Road Glide 1pt 7.10.18
    Joe Tines-Senior 01 Electra Glide standard 1pt 7.10.18
    Phil Tines 03 Electra Glide Classic 1pt 7.10.18
    John Wright 00 Deuce 1pt 7.10.18

    Here are the details!

    This series is for street appearing Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

    All racers participate and ride at their own risk.

    You will be required to complete a Great Lakes Dragaway indemnity form for each event; and also an annual House of Harley-Davidson indemnity form.

    Maximum participation is welcomed; some modified bikes do compete, at sponsors’ discretion.

    * Motorcycle to have a Harley-Davidson frame VIN, or street-registerable frame
    *No slicks (ie treaded tires must be used)
    *No wheelie bars
    *Competitors BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is to be Zero. Officials may undertake random alcohol or drug testing at any time.
    *Speed limits apply at Great Lakes Dragaway – 50 mph in all areas (except the dragstrip)
    *All relevant National and Track Rules also apply to this series.
    *Any motorcycle or rider can be included or excluded at the discretion of the sponsors.
    *Sponsors reserve the right to adjust these rules at any time.

    Riding Gear –

    This is a general statement, and lists the minimum standard required; specific detail can be found in the Great Lakes Dragaway, Street Vehicle Drag Racing Regulations.  

    *Leather jacket
    *Full fingered leather gloves
    *Long trousers
    *Leather boots
    *Full-face helmet meeting minimum standard AS1698
    (Helmet must be no older than 10 years from date of manufacture)

    Refer to Great Lakes Dragaway website for requirements.

    Qualifying and Racing Format –

    *All participants can take time runs to gauge their dial in. Following these time runs eliminations/races will start until 2 participants progress to the finals.
    *Time Runs are run end-to-end …so this is usually completed prior to the track opening to the public.
    *‘Dial-your-own’ handicap format *See below for Dial In Example
    *Two finalists are decided by Elimination Runs. Example we start the Eliminations with 16 bikes, the half get eliminated, we run 8 bikes, then 4 bikes then we have our two finalists.

    Event Dates

    Early start – be at Route 20 by 5:30pm; we need to be on the track at 6:15pm. Ride with the House-MKE starting at 5:00pm to Route 20 

    Round 1          Tuesday    May 15, 2018

    Round 2          Tuesday    July 10, 2018 (Rescheduled Rain Date)

    Round 3          Tuesday    July 24, 2018

    Round 4          Tuesday    August 21, 2018

    Round 5          Tuesday   September 11, 2018


    All rounds are run at Great Lakes Dragaway. Register and Pay each night. Pay at the gate and bring your receipt to check in/register at the House of Harley table.

    Fee:  $20 (each night) admits racer only; Free adult spectator if you ride-in with the group; Kids 13 & under are free

    Enter on the day

    Entry prices are subject to change by Great Lakes Dragaway


    Racing:  2 points for win, 1 point for loss

    Best light of the night (racing rounds):  1 point


    Nightly Round Win:   $100 Gift Card from House of Harley-Davidson

    Series Win:   $500 Gift Card from House of Harley-Davidson

    Series R/up:  $250 Gift Card from House of Harley-Davidson

    Final Decision

    Final decision on any Harley Drags ruling lies with sponsors, House of Harley-Davidson or Great Lakes Dragaway officials.

    *Example of the Dial In Handicap* -Here is how it works. If racer A chooses a dial of 16.00 and racer B chooses a dial of 14.50, racer A will get 1.5 second head start. If both racers cover the quarter-mile in exactly the same time as their dial-ins, then the win will go to the racer with the best reaction time, or to which racer reacts quickest to the green light on the Christmas Tree.
    If a racer runs quicker than his or hers dial-in, he or she is said to “break out” and is disqualified. If both racers run quicker than their dial-ins, the win goes to the racer who breaks out by the least. A red-light or foul start, takes precedent over a breakout, so a racer who red-lights is automatically disqualified even if his or her opponent breaks out.

  • Service Shop Night at House of Harley-MKE

    July 13, 2018

    Hang with the crew. Shoot the breeze with our Master Technicians and Performance Specialists and get your bike a few runs on the Dyno!

    $40 gets you 2-3 runs on the dyno and the print outs. See how your bike is performing!

    Register HERE

    Free beverages for those who attend.

  • Dyno Day in Racine

    July 14, 2018

    Join us for Dyno Day at House-Racine!

    Get three runs on the dyno and your print outs!

    Register Here

    Free Beverages all day for those who register!

    Talk shop with our performance techs.

  • Bike Night at the Iron Horse Hotel with Element 13

    July 19, 2018

    Bike Night at the Iron Horse hotel is BACK! Enjoy lounging in YARD and listening to great live music while you indulge in icy cold beverages and delicious food.

    July 19 Live Music: Element 13

    The House of Harley will be sponsoring a handful of bike nights this summer and we can’t wait to see you out and about this year!

    More details for each night to come!

  • Racine’s Summer Sizzle

    Saturday July 28, 2018

    Join us at our Racine store for our July Summer Sizzle Saturday July 28.



    Live Music:

    Raffle Prizes-Get a raffle ticket for every beverage purchased!

    House Koozie Specials-Gets your $2.00 beers with a House Koozie!

    Sidewalk Sale on End of Season Motorclothes and After Market Parts!